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My favorite royal ladies’ speeches

Part of the job of being a royal is public speaking. In this post, I will share with you some of my favorite speeches that European princesses have given.

Let’s start with Princess Sofia of Sweden:

OK I’m gonna be honest with you: I hate public speaking with a passion. If I can avoid it, then I do. Which is why I love this speech by Princess Sofia so much. This was her very first speech as a royal, just months after her wedding-and on her first solo trip abroad nonetheless. Add to this the fact that the speech was not even in her own language and you can understand how much pressure she had on.

However, I believe that Princess Sofia is a great example of a commoner marrying into a royal family and really embracing her new identity. Sofia might actually be the most heavily criticized -and might I say, hated- royal ladies. Yet, she embraced her role and proved herself worthy of such a position. Plus, I think we can all agree that public speaking is pretty much everybody’s worst nightmare-let alone when you know that all eyes are on you. And I’m sure we can all also agree that Princess Sofia nailed it.

The second speech I would like to share with you is from Crown Princess Mary of Denmark:

Generally, when it comes to public speaking, Crown Princess Mary is a pro. In this particular speech, she started off speaking in English and at some point, she randomly switched to Danish. I loved how well she handled it and, well, I thought this was really cute.

The next speech comes from the Duchess of Cambridge:

I chose this one for the same reason why I chose Crown Princess Mary’s speech; she started off really well, but in the very end she made a minor mistake. However, since Kate is obviously struggling with public speaking, she definitely did handle it really well and she came off as really sweet and cute. Kudos to her!

That’s all from me for today. But don’t be fooled; this was only part 1. I’ll share with you more speeches that you absolutely must watch in future posts.

What is your favorite speech?


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