Movies & Shows Suggestions

So, full disclosure: I love love love watching tv shows and movies (especially tv shows). Obviously, being a member of the royal fandom, I’ve watched many tv shows and movies about royals. So, for those who are looking for a new royal-related tv show or movie to watch, here are my suggestions:

OK on to the suggestions (and yes, I’ve watched all of them):

TV Shows

As I have previously stated, I love love love Reign. It’s highly inaccurate and it’s definitely pro-Mary, but given the fact that most movies and documentaries are telling Mary’s story from Elizabeth’s perspective, it’s fine if you ask me. I also think that Adelaide Kane is killing it as Mary Stuart (one of my favorite ever scenes is her reaction to Francis’ death, second close being this one between Mary and Catherine in season 2) and she deserves all the awards. I’ll keep watching this show as long as it’s on air for Adelaide alone.

I think this is one of the most popular tv shows about royals. Natalie Dormer for me is the best Anne Boleyn we have ever seen. While I believe that the last season was incredibly rushed, it’s definitely a great tv show to watch whether you are a royal fan or not.

This show is mainly centered around Elizabeth Woodville and the latter part of the Wars of Roses period-which comes right before the Tudor Dynasty. So maybe if you have some time to spare, start with this one and then move on to The Tudors.

I have to say it; do love Damian Lewis. I was mostly interested in this show because of him. Comparing him to  Jonathan Rhys Meyers is difficult. I think both of them are really good, but they do portray the same person in vastly different ways. This one is only one season long though.

Ok I guess this one is a weird choice. It’s completely fictional and definitely not a great quality show, but it is entertaining and great for those days that you are out-of-your-mind bored.


This movie is definitely not historically accurate, but a good one for those who find themselves fascinated by the Tudor era.

This one is about Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire. Not somebody most people know-but she was an ancestor of Diana, which is most probably why this movie was made in the first place. Personally, I am a big fan of Keira Knightley in period costumes, so I liked this movie a lot.

I love Emily Blunt -and Rupert Friend of Homeland fame- and every single one of her roles, so maybe I’m biased about this one-but the movie is also an Oscar winner so….

Colin Firth and Helena Bonham Carter are killing it as usual. Enough Said.

Anne Hathaway’s first movie role. She’s totally cute.  Julie Andrews plays her grandma. Do you really need another reason to watch this movie?

As with The Princess Diaries, this one is fictional and not about real people. You are not going to learn any historical facts through this, but it’s definitely entertaining.

I think Helen Mirren is the perfect choice to play Queen Elizabeth II. The story of the film takes place after Diana’s death.

Not a great movie overall, but I think that Naomi Watts makes a good Diana. Plus, the costumes department nailed it-they managed to recreate Diana’s look and most iconic outfits.

What did I forget? Do you have a favorite movie or show that wasn’t featured in this post? Let me know!


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