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Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 101

The second royal lady I’ll be talking about is Crown Princess Mary of Denmark. In her 12 years as a member of the Danish royal family, Mary has achieved a lot. But before we dive into her work as a royal, let’s take a look into her life. (Also, fyi, here is a great post… Continue reading Crown Princess Mary of Denmark 101

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The Duchess of Cambridge & Mental Health

As I’ve said in my first post, I consider Catherine’s work on mental health as her most important -as well as inspiring- contribution as a royal. While Catherine started her work as a royal patron by focusing on the arts, sports, children’s hospices and addiction, nowadays her focus has shifted towards mental health. Given the… Continue reading The Duchess of Cambridge & Mental Health

Duchess of Cambridge · Princesses 101

Duchess of Cambridge 101

Hello guys! I decided that I’m going to get this blog started by talking about -admittedly- the most famous ‘princess’ out there. I’m talking of course about The Duchess of Cambridge, former miss Kate Middleton. I thought that before getting into her work and what I admire the most about her,  I should a little… Continue reading Duchess of Cambridge 101